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Should Jacksonville Jaguars use dual threat Travis Etienne Jr. like Deebo Samuel or Alvin Kamara?

JAC DEF Jacksonville Jaguars

The 2021 first-rounder has speed and good hands. How will he be deployed after missing his rookie season with a foot injury?
6/18/2022  10:45 AM  https://es.pn/3mVbWUK

Bruce Smith says 'no beef' with Tony Boselli but supporters' case for Hall of Fame enshrinement 'set a bad precedent'

JAC DEF Jacksonville Jaguars

Bruce Smith said Thursday that he never had a problem with Tony Boselli, but that the arguments used by Boselli's supporters for his Hall of Fame enshrinement "set a bad precedent."
6/16/2022  9:45 PM  https://es.pn/3OieiIJ

Which under-the-radar team could reach the Super Bowl this season?

JAC DEF Jacksonville Jaguars

Domonique Foxworth picks the Jaguars as the under-the-radar team with the potential to make it to the Super Bowl.
6/16/2022  1:45 PM  https://es.pn/3xRVomJ

Bruce Smith questions Tony Boselli's Hall of Fame credentials

JAC DEF Jacksonville Jaguars

Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith is upset that people use Tony Boselli's strong game against him in a playoff contest to boost Boselli's Hall argument.
6/14/2022  4:45 PM  https://es.pn/3mPyPsF

Pressure is on Jacksonville Jaguars OLB Josh Allen in 2022: 'I know I needed to grow'

JAC DEF Jacksonville Jaguars

Allen is trying to get back to the elite consistency he showed in 2019, when he had a Jaguars rookie record 10.5 sacks.
6/8/2022  10:45 AM  https://es.pn/3NXwlUw

1 trade, 9 draft picks, $126M: How the Jacksonville Jaguars revamped their defense

JAC DEF Jacksonville Jaguars

With new defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell and only two starters left from 2020, the Jaguars hope for big improvements on D.
6/1/2022  10:45 AM  https://es.pn/3GF2QV9

Jacksonville Jaguars roster roundup: More weapons for QB Trevor Lawrence, questions at safety

JAC RB James Robinson

The Jaguars got their young QB some help and added upside at linebacker, but questions linger in the secondary.
5/25/2022  10:45 AM  https://es.pn/3NBfHKk

Former Notre Dame WR Kevin Austin Jr. embracing chance with Jacksonville Jaguars

JAC DEF Jacksonville Jaguars

The UDFA was suspended for the 2019 season and played only one game in 2020 due to injuries. Now he is trying to prove himself in the NFL.
5/20/2022  10:45 AM  https://es.pn/3yQyhdc

Can Kenneth Walker III take over the Seahawks' RB room?

JAC DEF Jacksonville Jaguars

The Fantasy Focus Football Show discusses how big of a role Kenneth Walker III will have for the Seahawks in 2022.
5/16/2022  10:00 PM  https://es.pn/3wyN1uq
2022 Schedule
  • Week 1 JAC vs.WAS Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 2 IND vs.JAC Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 3 JAC vs.LAC Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 3 BAL vs.JAC Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 4 JAC vs.PHI Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 5 JAC vs.BAL Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 5 HOU vs.JAC Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 6 JAC vs.IND Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 7 NYG vs.JAC Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 8 DEN vs.JAC Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 10 JAC vs.KC Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 13 JAC vs.DET Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 14 JAC vs.TEN Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 15 DAL vs.JAC Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 16 JAC vs.NYJ Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 17 JAC vs.HOU Sunday 12:00 AM
  • Week 18 TEN vs.JAC Sunday 12:00 AM

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